Yokohama India launches BluEarth RV-02 tyres for crossovers and MUVs

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 16 Oct 2018

The BluEarth RV-02 is available in seven sizes for various CUVS and MUVs in the Indian market and sold exclusively by Yokohama Club Network dealers.

Yokohama India has launched its new-generation RV-02 tyre pattern under the BluEarth series tyre brand. According to the company, the touring tyre is engineered for low noise with excellent wet performance for the fast-growing segment of crossover utility vehicles (CUVs) and multi-utility vehicles (MUVs). This is the second pattern launched in the BluEarth series after the AE-50 Pattern.

Yokohama says BluEarth, as its latest global concept tyre, is designed as an eco-friendly solution for vehicles. The BluEarth RV-02 is a Grand Touring tyre developed specially for drivers of CUVs and MUVs looking for a comfortable and durable tyre that is capable of on-road duty with improved noise suppression, wet grip and anti-uneven wear resistance.

The RV-02 uses proprietary ‘Orange Oil’ technology along with blend polymer and double silica that enhances wet performance of the tyre. It also uses breakthrough 3D sipes and mound profile, controlling uneven wear and improving noise comfort.

“BluEarth RV-02 will be available in seven sizes for various CUVS and MUVs and will be sold exclusively from Yokohama Club Network dealers. This segment in India, especially crossover UVs, has been growing rapidly year after year and BluEarth RV-02 is an industry first range for compact CUVs,” said Sanjay Chatterjee, Head, Sales and Marketing, Yokohama India.

Yokohama India, a 100 percent subsidiary of The Yokohama Rubber Co, is now in its 11th year of operations in the country. Recognising India’s potential of being one of the fastest growing automobile markets saw Yokohama India set up its first manufacturing plant in  2014 and notched the production milestone of a million tyres in 2016. The company is working on production capacity expansion, following growing demand for Yokohama tyres in the domestic market.