Yamaha to launch colour order system for two-wheelers

by Murali Gopalan 15 Jan 2021

Yamaha will shortly introduce “another exciting chapter” of style and excitement in India with its colour order system.

According to Motofumi Shitara, Chairman, Yamaha Motor India Group, this is a unique initiative wherein patterns created with existing colour combinations for vehicle body and wheel will help develop an entirely new look and appeal of the same two-wheeler.

“This is one that eventually will speak for the brand’s strong appetite for innovation and improve the overall scenario of creating business value,” Shitara said in a recent interview. The company had recently introduced the “Customise Your Warrior (CYW)” campaign for MT-15 which is the first part of the colour order system. This drive will continue to drive the “strategic effort” with other products in 2021. 

Shitara added that personal mobility would continue to remain top priority for his company especially with customers queuing up for two-wheelers in the backdrop of Covid-19. There is still a fair degree of paranoia about using public transport and this is where two-wheeler makers like Yamaha are planning to capitalise on the opportunity. 

As Shitara pointed out, the festive wholesales in 2020 have been strong for many players. Additionally, retailers are also “innovating their tools” of customer reach and engagement by resorting to various digital initiatives.

According to the Yamaha Motor India Group Chairman, more and more manufacturers are embracing technology-driven innovation that is tailored to customers’ riding requirements. Consequently, the pace of overall growth in the industry will also improve, he said. 

“Two-wheeler demand is expected to gradually ride on the growth curve by 2021 and Yamaha will drive most of its product publicity and campaigns over digital mediums for an enhanced reach,’ said Shitara. The other fallout of the pandemic is the resurgence of electric mobility though this has largely been confined to the e-commerce space where light cargo carriers are expected to see more numbers going forward. 

“Electric vehicles are the future of the automobile sector and have very high potential in the long term,’ agreed the Yamaha India chief.  However, their success would solely depend on the available infrastructure, affordability and acceptability by customers. “India can achieve success only through a clear roadmap, stable policy and proper planning,’ reiterated Shitara. 

Clearly, there are bigger challenges related to investments in infrastructure, charging stations, battery production and swapping infrastructure for electric vehicles. He said it was difficult at this point in time to provide any “specific statements” about Yamaha’s future plans for electric in India even while the company is analysing what future market trends could be “as we make our plans”.