Valeo launches made-in-Chennai advanced flat wiper blades

by Sricharan R 10 Mar 2020

The wiper blade’s design allows it to increase wiping durability and optimised cleaning at lower noise levels; custom-made to endure unique Indian conditions.

Global automotive Tier 1 supplier Valeo has launched its Universal Flat Wiper Blades for the Indian market. This new product, made using advanced wiper technology, will be manufactured at Valeo’s Vallam plant located near Chennai. The new wiper is part of the company's Universal Flat Blade platform that has a large portfolio of wiping system products to improve visibility at high speeds and increase road safety.

With an installed capacity to manufacture 400,000 units per year at its Vallam plant, Valeo will initially focus on supplying to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and then move to cater to the Indian aftermarket later. The wiper blade’s design allows it to increase the wiping durability and optimised cleaning at lower noise levels. It is custom-made to endure unique Indian conditions, such as high heat and humidity, as well as severe snowfall during winter.

Valeo says this wiper blade has become a trend among countries like Europe, America, and China, and is fast becoming a standard to fit in new vehicles in India. The blade, which is lightweight in design and with lower drag force to reduce motor torque, imparts uniform pressure all over the windshield and maintains good contact even at high speed limits of over 160km per hour. In addition, the product features a uniquely designed connector for fixing the blade to ensure the highest safety.

Valeo, which has been in India since 1997, has developed a very strong footprint here. It has eight production sites, one global R&D centre, and five distribution platforms. Valeo Wiper Systems Product Group develops cutting-edge technologies design to clean windshields, rear windows, and optical sensors to offer drivers and autonomous cars high-quality visibility continuously.

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