Two Chandigarh University students design biometric security solution for two-wheelers

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 14 Jan 2020

Automobile Engineering students of Chandigarh University, Khushwinder Pal Singh and Vikramjit Singh with their newly developed Biometeric security kit installed on a two-wheeler.

Two of Chandigarh University’s final year automobile engineering students, Khushwinder Pal Singh and Vikramjit Singh have developed a biometric security solution for two-wheelers. This fingerprint security kit can be installed on any bike or scooter and will be directly connected to the ignition point of the vehicle.

The two wheeler can be unlocked only with the owner swiping his or her finger on the biometric machine installed on the handle of the vehicle and the engine will remain immobilized till that point. The engine will be ignited when the sensor matches the finger print with the already stored pattern.

Growing instances of vehicle theft led Khuswinder and Vikramjit to jointly submit their idea at Chandigarh University Technology Business Incubator which passed the project and allocated funds to carry out the research. It took 8 months to bring out the first prototype which was ready to be installed on a vehicle and University research department donated a two wheeler to the students for its testing.

According to one of the designers of this solution and a third year student, Khuswinder Pal Singh, "I used to read lot of news about two wheelers being stolen from public places and even from homes at night. While surfing on the internet, I found a biometric security technology that was being used in high end cars in western countries but there was no security system for two wheelers." Vikramjit added that "Initially the cost of the prototype came out to be Rs 22,000 which we thought is on a higher side but after further research, we have managed to bring down the cost of the security kit to Rs 4,000."

The students have filled a patent with Intellectual Property India and have already been approached by number of two wheeler automobile companies for the commercial production of the security kit. Congratulating their achievement, Satnam Singh Sandhu, Chancellor, Chandigarh University "The team has been allocated an office space at Technology Business Incubator and have been provided with other possible support like arrangement of loans from government agencies to launch their start-up."