TVS Srichakra to launch tyres specially designed for EVs

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 13 Apr 2022

TVS Srichakra which manufactures the TVS Eurogrip brand will soon launch tyres specifically for electric two-wheelers. Called E Torq, the company says the tyre offers low rolling resistance, a key requirement for EVs. 

It made these tyres by using special compounds that give the product better grip and low deformation, as well as a special tread design. The new tyre also has stiffer side walls. It will be available in several sizes including 90/100-10 53J TL, 90/90-12 54J TL, 3.00-10 42J TL sizes.

The E Torq along with other range of products that are soon to be launched for both the Indian and global market, and were showcased during the company’s Tread Talks event in Chennai. Along with the tyre for electric-two wheelers, TVS Srichakra also showcased the DuratraillEB+ (for 125 – 150cc bikes), Beamer HS+ (150 – 200cc bikes), Beamer YS+ (125 – 150cc bikes). For the global market, the company will launch an off-road tyre called Climber XC, the Protorq Extreme for the sports segment, and RoadHound for Sport Touring Radial and X-Ply.

V Sivaramakrishnan, CTO, TVS Srichakra, said, “Our testing shows that normal tyres have 15 percent more wear-and-tear compared to the new tyre that we have. There is also a new tread design which is similar to a circuit board specially designed for EVs. The low friction compound gives excellent grip on both dry and wet road conditions while giving extended mileage and reduced energy consumption.”

 “While the EV is noiseless, the tyre-road noise is a nuisance. We will have to look at technologies to reduce the noise,” he added.