Troton of Poland looks to grow its car painting material business in India

by Jaishankar Jayaramiah , 19 May 2016

Poland-based car painting material manufacturer Troton is eyeing new business opportunities in India. 

Talking to Autocar Professional, Karzyna Najda-Bartczak, Coordinator of Foreign Markets Development of Troton, said, "The company is already distributing its products in India through our distributors.”

Troton, which was among the European companies which participated in the Auto Expo Component Show 2016 in New Delhi, sells its polyester putty and other paint materials in India. Its product range includes polyster putties, acryl primers, acryl clear coats and acryl thinners. The company also offers polishing paste and products like acryl spray, sealants and masking tapes.

Katarzuna Naida-Bartczak said the company views India as a price-sensitive market but believes that the demand for its high- quality product will rise in the future as the Indian automotive aftermarket has started preferring quality products.

Currently, Troton exports around 440 containers of car painting material to India. Each container contains 50,000 euros worth of materials.

Currently revenue from India for Troton, whose annual global turnover stands at 18 million euros, is very small. However, the company views India as one of the main emerging markets for its products.  

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