The top trends in India’s used car market in December

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 22 Dec 2020

December is typically a strong month for the used car segment and we get you the top news in this space. Taking forward the unique partnership between Autocar Professional and AU Bank, the Car-O-Meter is evolving into a dedicated content platform with all the latest trends, views and development in the pre-owned car segment.

This monthly online edition highlights the key customer trends, expert views and features some of the best-known industry leaders with their perspective about the used car segment. We also feature leading dealers from your city for better understanding on how to get more value from your buys.

  •  What’s driving demand in December– Historic trends indicate that demand for used cars typically spike 15-20 percent in December. We bring you details on the lucrative year-end offers and how they are driving demand.
  • Gauging demand dynamics- As personal mobility gets a push after Covid-19,  NikunjSanghi, the veteran automobile dealer and the managing director of JS4Wheel Motors, says while demand is definitely shifting towards petrol, diesels are still the mainstream vehicles especially in rural areas due to their almost 20-22 percent higher fuel efficiency.
  •  What are the used car dealers saying – In this segment, we visit two new cities every month. In this edition, Nashik’s prominent used car dealer details how Covid-19 is impacting supply but he expects stabilisation in January-February 2021. And a popular used car dealer from Ahmedabad shares his experience of adapting to the new normal and cashing in on festive demand.
  •  What customers must consider – Maintenance of used cars is as important as new ones. We share top tips to keep your used car in shipshape condition.
  • Big Boy Toyz makes a big move – Digitalisation is the buzz word across car retailing, including the used car space. Big Boy Toyz has launched a new smartphone app that allows buyers to look through a selection of used cars, book and also make payments through it.

So if you are planning to buy a used car this month, one that is affordable, efficient and fits your budget, simply log in toCar-O-Meter.