Steelbird launches lighter SB-39 Rox helmet with sun shield

by Sricharan R 10 Nov 2020

Leading helmet manufacturer, Steelbird Hi-Tech India launched its SB-39 Rox with Sun Shield, today. Designed in Italy, the helmet comes with a sun shield that can be operated via an ergonomically placed push button slider. The helmet will be  available in two sizes – 600mm (large) and 580mm (medium).

"We have designed this helmet keeping in mind the comfort of the rider. The main USPs of this helmet is its sun shield and light weight features which will make long rides an enjoyable and comfortable experience. The look and the feel of the helmet is very premium as it has replaceable interiors. We are sure this helmet will also face success like our other models.” said Rajeev Kapur, managing director, Steelbird Helmet.

The company claims the full-face helmet is an economical helmet with sun shield and meets the ISI and European standards. The new helmet will be available in non-painted three colors options which are Red, White and Black and also in matt and gloss finishes. 


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