'Solutions for thermal systems, battery packaging and power electronics'

by Manobhava Baruah 30 Apr 2022

Autocar Professional's Two-wheeler EV Forum day 2 kick started with a presentation by Robin Jacob Joseph, Senior Manager, Market Development, EV Battery Packaging, Covestro India who spoke about Engineering plastic solutions for reliable battery packs for Indian Conditions.

Robin said “Covestro has innovative cooling solutions for battery packs. We have grades which are compatible with liquid coolant. Thermal management is to extend the life of a battery and our plastics can be used to improve design flexibility. It is very difficult to make the cooling channels in metal and the metal after being manufactured is quite heavy. The cooling channels can be moulded in plastic and are recyclable.”

Robin handles market development of the battery packaging platform for the Indian Subcontinent and technical sales of engineering plastics for the mobility segment. His role Is in the battery packaging platform that enables EV and battery pack manufacturers to mass-produce safe, reliable and efficient batteries to meet the local conditions which they leverage by using Covestro’s global expertise.