Skill-Lync announces crashworthiness course for engineering students 

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 27 Apr 2021

Chennai-based e-learning platform Skill-Lync has announced India’s first academic course in crashworthiness. Crash testing is a key focus in the automotive and aerospace industries. Students can learn about meshing cars using HyperMesh and RADIOSS.

The course focuses on the solver known as RADIOSS which is used in the frontal, side, and roof crash analysis. HyperMesh, which is designed to set up models for car crash simulations, will be used in this course. Students pursuing mechanical, aerospace or automotive engineering can apply for this course.

Crashworthiness is a domain which studies a vehicle's structural integrity after it has been compromised in an accident. Passenger and pedestrian protection will also be addressed in this sub-domain. Skill-Lync says after completing this course, students will be able to set up cases for any explicit simulation, debug bugs, and post-process the results.

Speaking on the launch, Surya P, co-founder and CEO, Skill-Lync said, “With the implementation of Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assessment Program, all automotive manufacturers selling cars in India, need to make sure that their cars are being crash tested. Simulating the frontal crash, side impact and rollover scenarios even before manufacturing a car, gives automotive manufacturers the ability to understand the areas that they have to improve upon. This wide-scale adoption of performing crashworthiness simulations in the development cycle has increased the need for crashworthiness engineers in the automotive sector. This is one of the primary reasons why we brought in the course on crashworthiness and we see a lot of students successfully getting jobs in these domains.”

Candidates who are interested in the course can apply on the official Skill-Lync admissions website:

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