Simulation as innovation tool to optimise heat management for auto designing: Comsol

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 26 Mar 2022

Heat is one of the most important sources of energy, but in the automotive field, it could also lead to a decrease in efficiency. In a webinar hosted by Autocar Professional in association with Comsol, Prawal Jain, applications engineer, explained the potential of using simulation as a tool to innovate, reduce cost and bring products faster to market.

Jain gave a presentation on the topic of ‘Simulating Heat Transfer for Automotive Applications with Comsol Multiphysics’, which was followed by a live demonstration of the software. The webinar was an attempt to showcase the potential of simulation to come up with innovative solutions using Multiphysics.

He shared an example of how aluminium cold plates mounted in cars to combat heat problems, require optimal cooling channel topology for minimised plate size. Using hierarchical microchannel topology as against a normal plate enabled significant heat dissipation.

Furthermore, using simulation the users can get as close as possible to a final design prior to physical testing by understanding the various factors that will influence the product.

Jain gave insights on the potential of the simulation in the automotive field, and gave detailed responses to the participants during the Q&A session. 

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