Simple Energy plans new EVs for B2B segment

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 14 Jun 2021

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Bangalore-based electric vehicle start-up Simple Energy has announced its new product for the B2B market. The B2B offering is aimed at last-mile delivery segment and is specifically being designed and developed keeping in mind the possible requirements of the industry.

The startup claims it begun the initial development of the B2B product line a year ago along with the testing and development of its flagship e-scooter codenamed Mark2.

Suhas Rajkumar, founder and CEO, Simple Energy said, “Via Simple Energy and all its offerings, we aim to disrupt and set a product benchmark in the EV segment, and particularly the logistic market through the B2B product. Another challenge was to match the price point expectation of the business; we needed to create a product that is not only better looking but also should have the right mix of utility and price.”

As per the specifications announced, the e-scooter for B2B market will have maximum usage of IoT at the best possible price. It will feature a removable battery for swapping and a modular design, purpose-built to reduce the maintenance cost on the vehicle and to cater to the load problem of high load low-speed problems. These the company says will make the product quicker even with the maximum load and still most likely be the fastest in the segment. The product will be the best solution for last-mile fleets, logistics, and other allied businesses. While the company is currently in the testing and the development of the two-wheeler product it will also cater to the prevailing market demand by developing its three- and four-wheeler products in the future. 

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