Repos Energy launches India’s first double-dispenser mobile fuel pump

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 28 Oct 2020

Pune-based Repos Energy, a Ratan Tata-backed startup, has launched what it claims is India’s first double-dispenser mobile petrol pump – VO Alpha –that will disrupt the door-to-door diesel delivery sector in the country.

The company says that VO Alpha has been developed after several months of R&D and hard work. The VO Alpha is said to be the first-of-its-kind mobile fuel pump which will allow two-side dispensing of high-speed diesel thereby making the vehicle an advanced version of its predecessor. Other than the double-dispensing unit (DDU), VO Alpha features IoT controller, advanced brake interlock system for extra safety, geo-fencing, and fuel sensors.

The unveiling of the new vehicle was held at Repos’ IoT facility located in Chakan, Pune on October 27, by Jalaj Gupta, Business Head, Commercial Vehicles, Mahindra & Mahindra.

Chetan Waluj, co-founder, Repos Energy said: “VO Alpha stands for the spirit of innovation, excellence, and efficiency. The model is designed to ensure the highest standards of safety, security, and elegance for our customers and consumers.”

Jalaj Gupta said, “The future of door-to-door diesel delivery is extremely bright as the idea is to ‘go to the customer’. The new model VO Alpha is unique as it has a double dispenser which simply doubles up the overall efficiency of the concept on the same single asset (mobile petrol pump). The partnership of Repos and Mahindra & Mahindra with the new Furio model will go a long way in the journey of mobile dispensers.”

Aditi Bhosale Waluj, co-founder, Repos Energy shared that the company has already registered three patents, which allows the company exclusivity rights to the design on the DDU model. “VO Alpha is an innovation that will help and revolutionise the Indian fuel distribution system. The machine uses the stability triangle to balance the liquid equilibrium and is a flame-proof model. Something that India needs and will be proud of for years to come,” added Aditi.

In addition to its new product, Repos Energy has also launched Voice of Innovation, a one-of-its-kind innovation contest, which will allow participants from across India to present their idea which is inspired by innovation for a sustainable future. Participants will get to showcase their ideas and inventions to help make a difference for the society, and the lucky winner will stand a chance to win Rs 300,000 and exclusive business mentorship by the founders Chetan Walunj and Aditi Bhosale Walunj.

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