Petrol crosses Rs 107 a litre in Mumbai, diesel Rs 2.71 short of hitting a century

by Ajit Dalvi 13 Jul 2021

Following yet another hike yesterday, the price of petrol in Mumbai crossed the Rs 107 mark. The price increase ‘ride’ from Rs 100 to Rs 107 took 45 days – accelerating from Rs 100.19 a litre (May 29, 2021) to Rs 107.21  on July 12. As is known, there was 16 price hikes in May and June.

While there is no price hike today, the first 12 days of July have seen petrol turn more expensive by Rs 2.30 a litre in Mumbai, by Rs 2.38 in Delhi, Rs 2.12 in Chennai and Rs 2.71 in Kolkata.

On July 7, Delhi achieved parity with the three other metro cities with petrol price crossing the Rs 100-a-litre mark.  

Diesel drives towards Rs 100
Meanwhile, diesel, which is currently just Rs 2.71 short of hitting the Rs 100-a-litre mark in Mumbai, saw its first price cut in nearly two-and-a-half months – by a meagre 16 paise yesterday. Diesel price in Mumbai was down from Rs 97.46 to Rs 97.29, in Delhi from Rs 89.88 to Rs 89.72, in Chennai from Rs 94.39 to Rs 94.24, and in Kolkata from Rs 92.97 to Rs 92.81.

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