Omega Seiki Mobility launches 3 new smart electric three-wheelers, forays into passenger segment

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 25 Nov 2020

Omega Seiki Mobility, part of the Anglian Omega Group has expanded its smart electric vehicle range, with the unveil of smart electric commercial and passenger vehicles for the B2B and B2C segment. The new range of the electric vehicle includes three products Sun Ri (three-wheeler cargo), Ride (E-rickshaw), and Stream (passenger auto-rickshaw) with smart features.

The company says the electric three-wheeler design has been finalised after in-depth engineering and research to attain a sleek contemporary pilot’s cabin, seating area, and cargo space. Many parameters were considered to achieve an ergonomically designed vehicle to reduce the driver's discomfort, intended to ensure maximum safety and the productivity of the electric three-wheeler. Considering the India’s driving scenario, simulation software was also used in the vehicles. The entire driving and vehicle handling experience is enhanced using immersion reality tools, telematics unit and GPS system are also given in the vehicles. Body and chassis have been painted with a cathodic electro-deposition method for long term durability.

The company claims it has achieved 99 percent localisation as part of its endeavour towards the Make in India vision.

Uday Narang, chairman, Anglian Omega Group said “The Indian market has great potential to capture EV technology on a larger scale. Replacing conventional IC engines with electric vehicles will benefit the nation in multiple ways by generating new employment possibilities, contributing to the economy, and sustaining the environment. The new range of vehicles is designed to target B2B and B2C markets and exposing the latest technology to ground level. Omega Seiki Mobility is coming up with a whole range of Cargo and Passenger two-wheelers which is to be launched in March 2021." 

The company says the new electric three-wheeler brings a whole new concept in emission-free cargo transportation and leads to maximum productivity, economic and environmental gain.

The smart electric vehicles offer zero maintenance lithium-ion battery with a swappable option in the respective products. The aerodynamic design offers a low cost of running at Rs 0.5/km. The vehicles offer the latest smart technology including a regenerative braking system and roller cage support structure for driver’s safety. It also has a smart electronic speedometer and offers a top speed of 50kph. The loading capacity of these vehicles ranges between 750-960 GVW.

Commenting on the government incentives on electric three-wheelers, Dr. Deb Mukherji, MD, Omega Seiki Mobility said: “We will be passing on the incentives provided by the government by pricing our product better to make it more affordable to the customers. The automobile industry has expanded exponentially this year in terms of EV technology. With the clear goal of targeting B2B markets and a last-mile delivery system, Omega Seiki Mobility is expanding every day to serve the people with the most advanced and credible way. Focusing on the environment, EV is the only option to curb the pollution levels and similar problems due to the conventional ICE vehicles. EVs are not only economical but also offers many other benefits including low-cost running, affordable spare parts, balanced and unique designs, among others."