Motorcycle sales hit low ebb in a decade

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 14 Apr 2022

According to SIAM data, bikes sales fell below the 10-million mark in FY22, while scooter sales nearly doubled since FY12

India’s motorcycles sales for FY22 at 89,84,186 units have fallen to their lowest in a decade, declining below the 10-million mark that was reached for FY12, according to SIAM data. Sales of motorcycles in FY12 were 10,096,062 units and together with scooter sales of 25,62,841 units, the tally was 134,35769 units.

However, sales of scooters in FY 22 at 4009,076  units were close to double of the tally ten years ago, and with bikes sales falling under 10-million, India’s sales for FY22 in the entire two-wheeler segment were by and large flat at 13,466,412 units as compared to the decade-ago number.

Two-wheeler sales for FY21 were 15,120,783 units, lower than the FY20 tally of 174,17616 units and 2,11,81390 units in FY2019. Sales in FY18 were 20,200,117 as per SIAM data which effectively means sales of the entire segment since FY18 fell 33 percent.

The fall since 2018 was the result of the impact of two waves of the pandemic that exercabated rural distress. The impact of the pandemic which affected jobs and livelihoods in rural areas was further compounded by higher cost of ownership and skyrocketing fuel prices. The closure of schools in the last 18 months and the effect of lockdowns and curfews also affected sales.

It remains to be seen how sales in FY23 will pan out given the war in the Ukraine which has affected the supply chain and availability of key precious metals. FADA has urged all two-wheeler OEMs to introduce special schemes to uplift the morale of this segment and to boost sales.

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