MG Motor India partners Medklinn to ensure cabin air sterilisation

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 16 Apr 2020

MG Motor India has partnered with Singapore-based Medklinn to explore natural sterilisation of cabin air and surfaces in its cars. The carmaker will evaluate the viability of installing Cerafusion, Medklinn’s patented cabin sterilisation technology, in its India products, the Hector and the ZS EV.

The Cerafusion technology enables complete disinfection and sterilisation of the car’s cabin, ensuring the health and well-being of passengers. It leverages active oxygen to sterilise allergens, pollutants and microbial organisms – naturally and without any chemicals. Not only does the solution eliminates bacteria, mould, yeast and viruses from the air within the cabin, it also sterilises its various surfaces.

This cabin sterilisation technology is a much-needed intervention and is in sync with MG’s latest initiatives that underlines focus on staying ahead of the market’s evolutionary curve. Speaking on the association, Rajeev Chaba, president and managing director, MG Motor India, said, “As part of our commitment to innovation and safety, we are partnering with Medklinn, one of the top global players in this domain, to explore world-class cabin sterilisation solution in our vehicles. We are pro-actively looking to deploy HVAC system-based cabin sterilisation and disinfection technology. We will continue to work towards developing safer mobility experiences and services for our customers while providing them with a cleaner and safer in-car environment. As a future-forward brand, this initiative also highlights our readiness for the ‘new normal’ in the post-pandemic world.”

Peter Tham, CEO, Medklinn, said, “An overwhelming percentage of pollutants often gravitates to various surfaces within the car’s cabin. Our patented Cerafusion technology comes as the most uniquely equipped decontamination solution to address and resolve this issue. We are delighted to partner with MG, a forward-looking and innovative automotive brand, and are confident that our solution will give customers the peace of mind by ensuring that they are safe and protected in their MGs.”

MG has taken strong measures to combat the impact of the Covid-19 on its customers. The carmaker has recently launched a Disinfect and Deliver initiative to ensure car deliveries and test drives at customers’ homes under a completely sanitised process.

Medklinn’s Cerafusion technology scores highly in all microbial testing, is easy to use and integrate, and highly scalable. Its off-drive cycle ensures maximum sterilisation through a ‘booster’ mode at proven effective ozone concentrations, while the drive cycle provides continuous sterilisation of air and surfaces at internationally established safe ozone concentrations.