Mahindra starts making coronavirus-combating aerosol box at Nashik plant

by Ajit Dalvi 19 Apr 2020

The Mahindra Group, which is already manufacturing coronavirus-combating face shields, three-ply face masks and low-cost ventilator and also a hand sanitiser, is now expanding its effort to include another product: an innovative intubation aspiration / aerosol box made from the plastic polycarbonate windshields which are used in Mahindra vehicles.

These aspiration boxes help protect medical staff like doctors and nurses when they are removing a patient's intubation tubes. They add a level of safety and are also easy to use. The intubation aerosol box has use as a temporary shield during the intubation process, and helps reduce the spread of aerosol and droplets produced by a patient cough.

As per a report from The Detroit News, the idea for the aspiration box came from the wife of a staffer at Mahindra Automotive North America's (MANA) Auburn Hills plant in Michigan. Other boxes can fog, but the version made from the windshield material won't. Furthermore, the easy to assemble and disassemble unit is collapsible with six of the Mahindra-designed boxes taking up the space of a traditional one.

The MANA facility has been making these intubation aerosol boxes since a fortnight now and has received interest both in the USA as well as from other parts of the world including M&M HQ.

As per a tweet from Dr Pawan Goenka, managing director, Mahindra & Mahindra, on April 17, the company's plant in Nashik, Maharashtra, was to have commenced production of these aerosol boxes yesterday, April 18.

Meanwhile, the latest update about Mahindra & Mahindra's existing Covid-19 fighting operations across its various manufacturing plant in India, is that the company, through  has produced and delivered over 100,000 face shields and 120,000 three-ply masks to frontline medical staff. This is as per a tweet from Vijay Kalra, Chief of Manufacturing Operation, Automotive Sector, M&M.



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