Mahindra Bolero pickup to get new 1.3T and 1.7T variants

by Akbar Merchant 20 Sep 2018

Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) is looking to up the ante in the small commercial vehicle segment. And its weapon of aggressive growth looks to be the popular Bolero pickup, which sold nearly 160,000 units in FY2018.  

Key small CV rival, the Tata Ace family, sold 152,498 units in FY2018 with the Ace accounting for the bulk of sales (87,259 units). With the small commercial vehicle industry benefiting from last-mile transportation demand, M&M wants    

It is learnt that the company plans to add two new variants to its Bolero pickup range – the new line-up will come with a 1.3-tonne and a 1.7-tonne capacity variant along with the already on sale 1.5-tonne version.  While the 1.3L and 1.5L engines develop 63bhp, the 1.7L motor has maximum power of 70hp. 

The new Bolero pickup range will also get mechanical tweaks like nine leaf springs for the rear suspension setup and double bearings for the rear axle which, according to Mahindra, helps transport bigger loads safely. The new Bolero pickup range also has more cargo storage space of about 45.75 square feet for wider load applications.  The model also gets better brakes with a twin diaphragm tandem booster setup.

As far as comfort goes, the models now get new-design, ergonomic driver and co-driver seat with a recline feature and a headrest.  The interior has also received mild changes to make it look fresh. 

The model is likely to continue with the same engine as the 1.5 tonne variant, which is essentially the 2.5-litre M2DI-CR diesel engine.