Krishnan Sundararajan: “We need to align TCO to regulatory requirements.”

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 28 Apr 2021

It’s one year since the auto industry leap frogged to BS VI. Therefore, Autocar Professional decided to gauge the industry’s preparedness to meet BSVI Stage II, the next regulatory milestone.

Speaking at the Virtual Conclave, Krishnan Sundararajan, Managing Director, Renault Nissan Technology & Business Centre India said that it is, “Important to determine the next emission milestone after BS VI stage II to synchronise to adapting to new technology.” According to him, it is more important to meet the mid-term and long-term goals meant for 2030.

He pointed out that the, “Adaptation to BS VI highlighted the affordability aspect. We need to align TCO (total cost of ownership) to regulatory requirements. Application of technology has to align with the affordability aspect.”

The relative cost factor is important because Sundararajan pointed out that the, “lack of adequate profit will hamper future product development. It is amply clear that copying technical elements used in Europe may not always work in India. Need to be careful about mapping total cost of ownership to relative customer affordability.”

Sundararajan highlighted that the ecosystem with respect to emission is crucial in adapting to technology in this respect, “India’s adherence to protocol to not to the level as it was globally, the discipline that’s been brought forth with BS VI implementation made India at  par globally.”

“We need to set goalpost at practical level and work towards meeting them,” he signed off.

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