Indian Oil launches winter-grade diesel to take on -30deg C in Ladakh

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 17 Nov 2019

Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Dharmendra Pradhan along with other dignitaries at the launch of Indian Oil Corp’s special winter-grade diesel.

The government of India today announced the availability of winter-grade diesel in the Ladakh region. The move is aimed at promoting tourism, ease of living and smooth transportation in the Ladakh region during extreme winters.

The special winter-grade diesel has been developed by Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL ), for the high-altitude regions of Ladakh. Motorists in high-altitude sectors like Ladakh, Kargil, Kaza and Keylong typically face the problem of freezing of diesel in their vehicles when winter temperatures drop to as low as -30 degree Celsius. To solve this, Indian Oil has come up with an innovative solution by introducing a special winter-grade diesel with a low pour-point of -33deg Celsius, which does not lose its fluidity function even in extreme winter conditions.

Commenting on Indian Oil’s customer-centric move, the Minister of Petroleum Dharmendra Pradhan said: “Today is an important day for the people of Ladakh region as they will now get  uninterrupted supply of special winter-grade diesel, which will help reduce the hardships faced by the local people for transportation and mobility during the harsh winter months. This will further facilitate the local economy as well as tourism of the region.”