India Yamaha walks the woman power talk

by Mayank Dhingra 07 Mar 2020

L-R: Monica Mathur: Deputy General Manager, Yamaha Motor India Sales; and Jyoti Khosla: Deputy GM, Yamaha Motor Research & Development India.

India Yamaha Motor, the local arm of the Japanese two-wheeler giant, sees women playing a key role in its day-to-day operations and driving business growth. The company, which has two manufacturing facilities, one each in Greater Noida and Chennai, with a combined capacity of 1.74 million units per annum, is actively enabling equal opportunities in its workforce. Importantly, women are represented across manufacturing, sales, logistics and customer service.

For Jyoti Khosla and Monica Mathur, their longstanding association with the two-wheeler manufacturer has brought about a mutual win-win, with growth in their personal careers lending a push to Yamaha’s product portfolio and technology development.

A deputy general manager at Yamaha Motor Research & Development India (YMRI), Khosla works in the subsidiary located within the Greater Noida plant and has found growth in different R&D domains for the last 15 years. She has worked in engineering administration, colour and graphic development and general administration. She is currently the division head with the administration group of YMRI and is responsible for Income and expense management, resource management, design administration (drawings management and system support), general governance and compliance.

Mathur, on the other hand, brings onboard a prominent experience of business development to Yamaha from across a score of years. She is currently working as a deputy general manager, Yamaha Motor India Sales and managing to expand the company’s footprint of motorcycles and scooters in India through fresh business tie-ups and networking. Her leadership also extends to strategic commercial operations and trade marketing.

Q&A with Monica Mathur: Deputy General Manager, Yamaha Motor India Sales

What has been your most challenging project so far in this role? What learnings would you like to pass on to your subordinates?
The ‘women empowerment’ project with the Jammu & Kashmir government was a revelation for me. It had challenges of staggered orders, diplomatic and administrative deviations, tightened law and order, and curfew situations and repetitive coordination with Police departments as well as local authorities for ensuring safe transit of scooter stock and dealer teams.

The learnings that I wish to share with my subordinates is that they should consider challenges as 'an experience of life'. One day, you too shall share it as a tale to your subordinates.   

How easy or difficult it is for a woman to play her role in a male-dominated industry?
We often see the gender biases creating self-doubt amongst highly skilled women and they succumb to stereotype-driven expectations. What is imperative in such a scenario is to have complete trust and faith in her talent. A woman should focus on her strengths and past successes to prevent self-doubt which can also keep her away from all the negative energy.

What are the qualities women bring to the table that can contribute to a more successful and happier workplace?
Women possess several qualities which make great leaders at workplace. Integrity tops the list in all factors of life, be it work or home. Secondly, their patience and excellent listening skills with effective communication go a long way in contributing towards the success of the organisation.

What is your career ambition and how do you plan to achieve your goals?
I am a strong believer in taking each day as it comes, giving your work 100 percent and working with complete passion, determination and commitment. While highchairs and designations will come in due course of time, the personal satisfaction that one derives from their work is of utmost importance.

Q&A with Jyoti Khosla: Deputy General Manager, 
Yamaha Motor Research & Development India

What has been your most challenging project so far in this role? What learnings would you like to pass on to your subordinates?
The most challenging scenario arrives with the need to depute people and resources to achieve aggressive goals in a new project. It requires to align deadlines as per specific targets, and by remove deadlocks and communicating timely, and focus on multiple important activities.

Budding managers will require to communicate timely, along with self-motivation, consistency, commitment and most importantly, a positive outlook.

What is your career ambition and how do you plan to achieve your goals?I wish to occupy a higher rank in management for which I am preparing the foreground by developing team skills and potential, and a healthy work engagement culture – a 'many in body, one in mind' approach.

With such responsibilities at work, do you achieve a work-life balance?
Work-life balance is reached when we properly distribute jobs among team members and utilise planned flexi hours in case of necessity. I generally avoid the practice of overwork or working during family time. I actively participate in social gatherings outside workplace.