Hunter launches new touch-less wheel alignment Inspection system in India

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 08 Oct 2020

Hunter, the global leader in wheel service and inspection equipment, has launched the ‘Quick Check Drive’ touch-less wheel alignment inspection system in India. 

Available in India through its exclusive distributor and wheel alignment equipment specialist Madhus Garage Equipment Pvt Ltd, the system is set to revolutionise the way car workshops operate. Not only can it effortlessly identify wheel alignment opportunities on every single vehicle entering a workshop, but it can also ensure that the company’s main alignment system is fully utilised, further maximising profitability. Preliminary wheel alignment diagnostic Quick Check Drive is one of the industry’s first ‘drive-through’ non-contact wheel alignment inspection systems.

Thirty-two lasers facilitate Quick Check Drive
Hunter says that without the need to attach any sensors, vehicles do not need to stop which means labour costs are minimised and alignment opportunities can be identified in a matter of seconds. Vehicles simply drive at a speed of between 3-13kph between the system’s two slim-line ‘measuring towers.’

During the drive-through process, 32 lasers are used to assess the vehicle’s total toe and individual camber measurements, providing almost- instantaneous results of whether a more thorough and comprehensive, full 14-point alignment diagnostic is required. The Quick Check Drive can take new vehicle readings every 3-5 seconds, ensuring that it can cope with the volume of cars in even the busiest of workshops.

In addition, the integrated ‘body damage cameras’ click continuous photographs of the vehicle as it drives between the towers, thereby providing a high-definition record of the vehicle as it arrives at the workshop. Hunter claims that when the Quick Check Drive system launched in the USA last year, it helped already busy wheel alignment centres double their alignment sales as well as provided a more comprehensive and transparent service for customers. Initial results in India are proving to be just as effective.

Promise of speedy RoI
According to Hunter, by investing in its Quick Check Drive system, workshops can further improve their return on investment of their main, more sophisticated wheel alignment system, such as the Hunter 3D Wheel Alignment system HawkEye Elite. By diagnosing and pre-filtering those cars which are most likely to require income-generating wheel alignment work, the main aligner can then be fully utilised. The company says workshops can benefit from the equipment being used during every minute it is in use rather than being used for diagnostic work which may not result in any fee earning adjustment work.

Surya Prakash TK: “Quick Check Drive is a genuine industry game-changer and one that is set to revolutionise the way workshops all over the country operate.”

Speaking about the innovative approach provided by the Hunter Quick Check Drive system, Surya Prakash TK, Regional Manager – South Asia said, “Quick Check Drive is a genuine industry game-changer and one that is set to revolutionise the way workshops all over the country operate. The combination of its innovative technology and use in tandem with a main alignment system means that workshops will be able to identify, convert many more opportunities for wheel alignment and increases the profitability of the dealership.

Founded in 1946, Hunter has four manufacturing facilities in the US with presence in over 100 countries and around 300 patents to its name. Hunter products are also used in the manufacturing facilities, training centres of the major vehicle and tyre OEMs worldwide including India.

Hunter is represented in India by Madhus Garage Equipment Pvt Ltd, its distributor for the past two decades, which has a strong sales and service network and three training centres in Bangalore, Delhi and Pune.