Honda Cars India partners Juana Tech for model rocket car making and racing competition

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 10 Jan 2020

In an endeavor directed towards nurturing school students, Honda Cars India is partnering Juana Technologies to launch ‘India Innovate – Wheels to Fly’, India chapter of an international STEM (Science, technology, Engineering & Mathematics) based Model Rocket Car Making and Racing competition. The competition will see participation of 5,000 students from over 100 schools across 25 cities. During the course of the competition, children will get to learn complex concepts like aerodynamics, motion, coding and computation, in an interactive and fun environment.

Powered by The Learning Partnership, this globally recognised competition and its supporting curriculum are designed to equip students with skills, resources and an opportunity to learn theoretical concepts through experiential learning. This fun-win-learn initiative in India is the first STEM based Model Rocket Car Making and Racing competition.

The Competition consists of two programs: Fly to the Line (Air Glider making) – for classes 4-5 and Race to The Line (car making) – for classes 6-10 spread across two qualifying rounds (school & regional) & one national finale.

This STEM competition first started in England in 2015 and has travelled through Wales, Scotland, Hong Kong, UAE, China and Vietnam since then. The competition aims at promoting innovative thinking and inspire students to pursue a career in the STEM fields, i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics related streams.

Commenting on the collaboration, Rajesh Goel, SVP & director, marketing & sales, Honda Cars India said, “The India Innovate – Wheels to Fly is a globally acclaimed STEM based competition which will help us to connect with thousands of students across the country and encouraging them to adopt problem solving approach. Students will be able to apply concepts like aerodynamic design which plays a very important role in developing mobility products. We believe students of today will be creators of tomorrow and it is important to engage with these young curious minds and power their dreams, for a better tomorrow”

Swati Ganguly, CEO & Co Founder, Juana Technologies said, “We are hopeful that with this integration of industry and academia, students will be inspired to pursue careers in STEM and come up with innovative solutions to complex challenges in life.”


About the Program:


Race to The Line

Race to the Line is the largest team-based STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) competition that allows students to design, build, test and race rocket model cars using modern materials and techniques. Teams develop, apply and master their understanding of the laws of motion, forces, aerodynamics and coding in this challenge that covers all elements of combined STEM subjects.