Hero Lectro launches e-cycle for B2B applications at Rs 40,000

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 05 Apr 2021

Hero Lectro, the electric vehicle arm of the Hero Motors Company (HMC) has launched its first purpose-built cargo vehicle Hero Lectro Winn at Rs 40,000, which is an electric cycle designed specially to address the evolving needs of last-mile e-commerce delivery in India.

The company says it is a first-of-its-kind cargo vehicle to hit the Indian market and is expected to create a major splash in the e-commerce domain. The Hero Lectro Winn is targeted for e-commerce logistics space by offering enhanced storage and payload capacity perfectly suited to the needs of short-distance high-density delivery trips.

The company says the Union Minister for Road Transport &Highways Nitin Gadkari has also pitched for the use of e-cycles as a cost-effective and emission-free mode of goods delivery. As compared to motorcycles on which a bulk of deliveries currently happen, a light engineered e-cycle with specially crafted storage and payload capacity offers a highly cost-effective solution by significantly lowering the cost per litre of goods storage space.

Leading e commerce players, FMCG Companies and logistics service providers including Amazon, Xpress Bees, DS Group and DOT are already conducting advanced feasibility studies and are likely to adopt the product to achieve greater optimisation of resources.

Aditya Munjal, director, Hero Cycles and CEO, Hero Lectroc said: “With e-commerce witnessing a surge in India in recent times, the delivery density for the last mile has increased significantly. However, the absence of purpose-built vehicles for this segment is acting as a major hurdle for cost and resource optimisation. Motorcycles which form the bulk of last-mile delivery vehicles currently, have limited volumetric space and payload capacity which in turn increases running costs for delivery providers. By overcoming these constraints, Hero Lectro Winn e-cycle holds huge potential for enhancing incomes and unlocking profitability by increasing per day shipment capacity and achieving cost optimisation which comes from enhanced productivity offered by our solution.”

The Hero Lectro Winn offers 180-litres of goods storage space, hassle-free charging with a swappable battery, and a top speed of 25kph. It also offers a pedal-assist feature further allows users to overcome motor power deficiency in select situations and drive without any range anxiety that is commonly associated with other EVs.

The company claims for delivery agents who currently deliver average 40 shipments a day, a purpose-built cargo vehicle can enable to take this number to up to around 70-75, leading to greater productivity and enhanced income. At the same time with its greater storage space, it improves both convenience and safety by eliminating the need for delivery agents to carry heavily loaded backpacks while riding.

In addition to e-commerce platforms, Hero Lectro is also in advanced talks with leasing companies to make Hero Lectro Winn accessible to delivery agents on affordable lease rents.

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