Goodyear India launches Assurance TripleMax

by Shobha Mathur 23 Apr 2015

Goodyear India has introduced the Assurance TripleMax tyre, the first equipped with Goodyear’s Hydrogrip technology that helps deliver maximum road grip.

The company claims the tyre can reduce braking distances by more than 2 metres on wet roads. Designed for mid- and premium passenger vehicles, the company says Assurance TripleMax aims to take the worry out of driving on poor roads. An innovative functionalized polymer tread compound with improved molecular bonding gives the tyre the extra grip on both wet and dry roads.  

Speaking at the product launch in Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida today, P K Walia, vice-president (consumer business), Goodyear India, said: “Setting a new standard in tyre innovation, the Assurance TripleMax uses Goodyear proprietory Hydrogrip technology that allows drivers to reduce braking distances by more than 2 metres on wet roads compared to other tyres in the market today.”

He added, “Hydrogrip technology provides maximum wet grip through an innovative new tread compound, maximum control via a large surface area contact patch, which means there is more rubber on the road and maximum braking ability by way of biting edges with large block elements. All of this combined results in a safer and more comfortable ride.”


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