First production-ready Revolt RV 400 electric motorcycle rolls out

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 07 Aug 2019

Twenty days before it launches the Revolt RV 400, claimed to be India’s first AI-enabled motorcycle, Revolt Intellicorp rolled out its first production-ready motorcycle from the Manesar plant today. The electric motorcycle, first unveiled on June 18, 2018, has seen a two-year development programme aimed at localising it for Indian conditions and customer preferences.

The Revolt RV 400’s pricing will be announced on August 28 at the official launch. The manufacturing facility in Manesar has a production capacity of 120,000 vehicles commissioned for Phase 1.

Unlike some of the electric two-wheelers seen thus far in India, the Revolt RV400 looks a lot like any 100-125cc, petrol-powered commuter. The design is compact, thanks to the clever positioning of the battery and motor in the area where you'd normally find an internal combustion engine. The motor and battery have been imported, while the ECU and Battery Management System (BMS) has been developed in-house. 

One of the key features of the RV400 is its removable battery that can be charged using a cable and regular 15A plug that’s supplied with the motorcycle. Along with this, Revolt Motor will also have ‘Mobile Battery Swap Stations’ that can be located via the Revolt Mobile App. Besides this, the app also enables you to track the bike or start the motor. To know more about the app and the RV400’s customisable artificial exhaust sound, click here.


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