Elektrobit, Argus launch cyber security solution   

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 14 Sep 2022

Elektrobit, a global vendor of software products for the automotive industry, and an arm of Continental, and Argus Cyber Security, have announced the launch of EB zoneo SwithCore Shield, a solution offering embedded intrusion detection and prevention (IDP) functionality within advanced network management systems for next-generation vehicles.

In a press note, the company said that as an embedded module, the joint solution includes Argus Ethernet IDPS, a cyber security protection layer for automotive Ethernet networks, is an automotive-grade switch firmware for E/E architectures.

It enables carmakers to reduce integration costs and risks with this production-ready solution while accelerating new vehicle launch times. With this solution, carmakers will be able to evaluate data detected to determine how to deal with an attempted cyberattack based on decades of automotive expertise from Elektrobit and Argus.

By adding intelligence and cyber protection to automotive ethernet switches, scalability, safety, and security of vehicles can be enhanced. As network and cyber tasks are offloaded to the switch firmware, the microcontroller unit's computational resources are optimized.

Aside from helping carmakers comply with emerging cyber security regulations such as UN R155 and Chinese GB/T, EB zoneo SwitchCore Shield provides an additional layer of threat prevention with the Argus Ethernet IDPS, which enhances interoperability with Classic AUTOSAR.

Mike Robertson, head of product and strategy management, Elektrobit said, “We developed EB zoneo SwitchCore Shield to fill the gap between the cyber security domain and the advanced networking needed for next-gen, software-defined vehicles. We’re helping carmakers to save time and money by providing a pre-integrated solution built to meet the highest levels of safety and security regulations.” 



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