Eicher Trucks targets e-commerce industry with Pro 1000 and 3000 series variants

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 22 Nov 2017

L-R: Vishal Mathur, senior VP (Light & Medium Duty Trucks and Buses), and Shyam Maller, executive VP (Light & Medium Duty Trucks and Buses), VE Commercial Vehicles, at the launch of the new variants f

Eicher Trucks & Buses, part of VE Commercial Vehicles, is aggressively targeting M&HCV sales to the fast-growing e-commerce industry in the country. At the Eicher Pro Biz Expo – Smart Solutions for E-commerce Business expo in Bangalore (November 22-23), it is showcasing a range of light and medium duty trucks that  cater to the e-commerce industry. They include five new variants in the Pro 1000 and Pro 3000 series range – Pro 1110, Pro 1110XP, Pro 1110XP, Pro 3012/3014 and Pro 3015.

The Eicher Pro Biz Expo, being held at Dr Prabhakar Kore Convention Centre in Bangalore, aims to bring together customers and key stakeholders in the e-commerce and logistics industries to provide them a first-hand experience of Eicher’s smart solutions like Aftermarket Lifetime Support System, telematics, and high end technology, among other features for their transportation requirements. These vehicles are specifically designed keeping in view the specific needs of the sector from long haul to short haul and last-mile delivery.

The new variants offer a 24-feet long cargo body, higher volume space index with best-in-class payload and fuel efficiency. Delivering high power and torque, the trucks also offer a cost-effective run with the longest service interval of 50,000km.

According to Shyam Maller, executive vice-president, Light & Medium Duty Trucks and Buses, VE Commercial Vehicles, “The e-commerce industry in India is growing at an exponential rate of 50 percent every year and we believe in serving our customers by providing them with the right and practical solutions for their requirements. Leveraging our established strength in the LMD space, we have widened our offering to cater to the specific demands of the high potential e-commerce market. Eicher now offers the widest and strongest range in the Light and Medium Duty (LMD) segment with products ranging from 4.9T to 16T GVW, out of which we have displayed 13 vehicles today. We believe ours is the most compelling proposition for this segment of the industry.”

Further commenting on the Eicher Pro series, he said, “The Eicher Pro Series, developed and manufactured as a result of the synergistic working between the Volvo Group and Eicher, has been a great success. Especially in the light and medium duty segment, our trucks have witnessed strong and steady growth over the past few years. Backed up with a strong aftersales network and our proposition of Eicher Lifetime Support Solutions, we have taken one more step towards promising superior uptime for the vehicles and business profitability for our customers.”