My Eco Energy to sell bio-diesel at retail shops

by Autocar Pro News Desk 07 Jun 2017

My Eco Energy (MEE), who currently sells ‘Indizel’ (bio-diesel) through seven fuel stations across the country is planning to sell bio-diesel in canisters (5, 10 & 20 litre) through retail supply model in cities across the country.

The company in its fourth year of operation expanded its sales to six states – Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat & Rajasthan.

Speaking on future plans to Autocar Professional, Santosh Verma, director, MEE says, “Our expansion has been slow due to uncertainties, but we are optimistic of having 40-50 retail fuel stations selling Indizel. Our product meets Euro 6 standard which is quite superior than the traditional fuel.”

Addressing the challenges due to infrastructure costs in cities the company plans to sell its product to retail shops, where customers can purchase canisters to immediately refuel the car or stock it for later use. The company claims to be in advanced talks with Maharashtra State Regional Transport Corporation (MSRTC) for supplying the fuel for their fleet. “The buses operated by MSRTC require almost Rs 30 lakh worth of diesel each day, if they are able to save Rs 2 per litre, it will add to a huge saving for the government,” added Verma.

Verma said they have received advance orders from clients to the tune of 120,000 tonnes.

What is Indizel?

According to the company, Indizel “is a premium fuel engineered to maximise clean diesel engine performance. It is manufactured by blending three biofuels of different specifications to arrive at an ideal product in terms of quality, price and efficiency. It is the only biofuel in India which complies with domestic and international diesel specifications such as EN590 (Europe), IS 1460 (India, superior emissions than BS VI) and ASTM D975 (US). The biofuel, marketed under the brand Indizel, which is made from recycled and waste vegetable oils and fats, outperforms petroleum diesel in performance, emissions, mileage, price, and value.”

Verma says that Indizel works perfectly in sync with the existing diesel vehicles as Indizel has a high cetane number of 75 and above, which is a quality indicator of diesel fuel. “The customer can also use only Indizel biofuel or even mix it with existing diesel in the vehicle,” he adds.


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