Denso debuts at SIAT, focuses on EVs

by Amit Panday 17 Jan 2019

Participating at the ongoing Symposium on International Automotive Technology 2019 in Pune for the first time as an exhibitor, Japanese and global component and technology major Denso has displayed three key products for electric and hybrid vehicles: battery monitoring unit, motor generator and power control unit. 

Interestingly, all three products are under production in Japan as the company makes and supplies them to Toyota for its Prius model.

Denso says it is willing to guage interest of the visitors in these products, which can be localised based on demand in future.

The battery monitoring unit (BMU) works to enhance the efficiency and safety aspects of the battery packs in electric / hybrid vehicles. According to the company, it monitors cell current, cell temperature, voltage and several other parameters to stabilize the overall performance of the lithium ion battery, thereby boosting output and safety for the vehicle owners.

The motor generator, on the other hand, is composed of stator and rotor. The motor propels vehicle and generates electricity during the braking process. It contributes to better driving efficiency and power generation and improved fuel efficiency among other areas.

Denso India has had a good year during the first three quarters of FY2019, say senior officials.


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