Denso and NTT begin validating V-SOC tech for monitoring vehicle security status

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 16 Dec 2019

Denso Corporation and NTT Communications will begin validating their jointly developed Vehicle Security Operation Center (V-SOC) technology for monitoring and analysing vehicle security status from January 2020. The two companies will start validating the V-SOC technology in a test environment to realise its resilient security solution for connected cars. Different types of cyberattacks will be conducted to see how effectively the V-SOC detects and analyses these.

Denso and NTT Com have been working on developing this technology to detect cyberattacks and identify the affected area on the basis of data. The companies are focusing on how to improve the safety and availability of connected cars and enable quick security responses by using V-SOC technology.

As connected cars are becoming increasingly popular, the game-plan for potential cyberattacks are also changing. These are increasingly becoming stealthier and sophisticated and the need for cybersecurity that can swiftly detect and analyse these attacks is also growing. The focus is to provide the appropriate support seamlessly.

 DENSO will provide information security, vehicle communication and data analysis technologies used in in-vehicle systems, connected cars and MaaS development. NTT Com, meanwhile will leverage the latest security technology of the NTT Group related to networks, cloud computing, and managed security services. They aim to build a safer and more secure automotive society by accelerating development of cybersecurity technology.