Chennai-based startup Skill-Lync launches online EV course

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 28 Apr 2020

Chennai-headquartered online learning startup Skill-Lync has launched a Masters course in Electric Vehicle Design and Simulation. The company says the new course is the first such curriculum in India, that focuses on electric vehicles. The fee of the EV course is around Rs 275,000, with the option of a full time or part-time duration.

The startup provides job leading courses for Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering students in India and across the world. With colleges shut and students looking to make the most of the time that they are at home the startup has fast-tracked the development of this program and releasing it amid Covid-19.

Skill-Lync was founded in April 2018 by Sarangarajan V (CTO) and Suryanarayanan P (CEO). Skill-Lync was started out as a YouTube channel to share engineering tips, but today it is a digital platform offering an online training course for mechanical engineering candidates. The platform offers three different types of courses, ranging from one-off modules to full-time curriculums.

Understanding that there is a significant skill gap similar to Mechanical Engineering in other non-software engineering domains, the company’s focus is to help non-software engineers accelerate their career. This the company says is important, because in India more than 70 percent of engineers come from non-software field. This represents 5.6 million new engineers who are currently pursuing their engineering degree. Skill- Lync’s content generation engine, technical support engine and student success engine is set up to address the needs of non-software engineering students accelerate their careers.

The company says amidst the Covid-19 lockdown its YouTube channel, which contains free technical webinars and explanations on short technical concepts, has witnessed 6-fold growth in viewership as compared to last month. More interestingly, in addition to the traffic coming in from India, but is also seeing users signing up for the courses from US, Europe and Asia.

“As a whole the automotive industry is shifting to developing electric or hybrid electric vehicles. But there is no educational institution in India or across the world that is focussed on teaching the technical aspects specific to these domains. Students are the ones who get affected by this gap. Hence, we decided to get in touch with some of the best industry experts and develop a course that will aid Electrical and Electronics engineers with skills that will help them get equipped for the EV future,” said Surya P, co-founder and CEO, Skill-Lync.

Commenting on the present situation, Surya said, “Covid19 has had a significant impact on industries, there have been layoffs and looks like it will continue for another quarter. We at Skill-Lync believe that these industries will bounce back by Q3, Q4 of this financial year, at that time companies will exhibit a strategy of hiring trained candidates. This is why we have fast tracked this program, starting to learn this program during this lockdown period will allow students to get prepared for the post lockdown era.”

Skill-Lync claims that there is no other platform in the world that focusses on teaching in-depth technical skills to non-software engineering students. The educational start-up does that by developing coursework in partnership with industry experts, the courses not only have videos, but also provides every student with the opportunity to work on projects with the aid of industry-oriented software tools such as Ansys, MathWorks, Converge and GT-Suite among others.

Skill-Lync is backed by global investors including Better Capital’s – Vaibhav Domkundwar, YCombinator and Founder of Gmail & YC Partner – Paul Buccheit.