Charge+Zone plans to install 50,000 EV charging stations across India

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 20 Dec 2021

iCreate (International Centre for Technology and Entrepreneurship), an autonomous centre of excellence of the government of Gujarat and innovation-based start-up incubator has facilitated a partnership between its supported start-up Charge+Zone, an EV charging networks company and the government of Gujarat. The partnership is for $300 million (Rs 2,220 crore) investment, with a vision to set up a network of un-manned, app-driven 10,000 charging stations in Gujarat on national and state highways, and scale it up to more than 50,000 charging stations across India.

The MoU was signed as part of the Investment Promotion Activity for the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2022 with an objective to amplify the charging infrastructure for EVs on National and State highways across India. 

The aim is to electrify 10,000km of National and State Highways in the next 3-5 years with super-fast charging stations, which it says will lay the foundation in creating a robust charging infrastructure model for the country, thereby helping enable e-mobility for the consumers. The government of Gujarat will facilitate Charge+Zone to obtain necessary clearances and approvals from the concerned departments of the State as per the existing policies of the government. 

Supported by iCreate, Charge+Zone provides comprehensive EV charging solutions including Energy-as-a-Service with battery swap stations, app-driven convenience and cloud-based technology. While the national /state highways will be deployed with super-fast charging stations, the company aims to bring in AC type 2 Max charger and AC Type 2 Mini chargers for corporate campuses, gated communities and business/IT parks among others.

Kartikey Hariyani, founder and CEO, Charge+Zone said “It is an honour for us to partner with the government to electrify the roadways with EV charging points in the country. With this, we have taken a step closer towards achieving our mission of setting up one million charging points in the country and consequently, accelerating the adoption of EVs in the country.”

At present, Charge+Zone supports B2B and B2C network for EV charging for both fleet and retail customers and has set up more than 120 charging points across 400 EV charging stations serving around 3,000 EV (car and buses) on a daily basis. It is now aiming to expand to new hubs for more than 3,000 electric buses for intercity public transportation in more than 10 states in India. The company says the Gujarat government will support it for procuring the required resources and charging units from contract manufacturers as well as renewable energy and battery storage to create a 100% reliable EV charging network.

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