BYD’s e-MPV to be powered with blade battery tech

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 21 Feb 2022

BYD (Build Your Dreams) India, a subsidiary of China's BYD has announced that its all-new e6 premium eMPV, which was launched in November for the B2B segment is the first model in the country to be powered by its Blade Battery

The company says its range of EVs will now come with its Blade battery. In addition, the company will also provide the blade battery to other OEMs globally.

Sanjay Gopalkrishnan, head - Electric Passenger Vehicle, BYD India said, “We give battery safety the highest priority when it comes to our EVs. ”

Launched by BYD in 2020, the blade battery is claimed to be the only battery that successfully passes the nail penetration test, the most rigorous way to test the thermal runaway of batteries. While undergoing nail penetration tests, the battery emits neither smoke nor fire after being penetrated, and its surface temperature only reaches 30deg to 60deg Celsius. Under the same conditions, a ternary lithium battery mostly exceeds 500deg Celsius and burns violently.  While a conventional lithium iron phosphate block battery does not openly emit flames or smoke, its surface temperature reaches dangerous temperatures of 200deg to 400deg Celsius.

The blade battery also passes other extreme test conditions such as being crushed, bent, being heated in a furnace to 300deg Celsius and overcharged by 260 percent. None of these the company says resulted in a fire or explosion. Another advantage, according to BYD is that the battery can also support fast charging. 

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