Branded Content: SM Auto and Proventia partner for TREM IV and TREM V-compliant non-road exhaust aftertreatment systems

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 28 Aug 2021

India-based SM Auto Engineering Pvt Ltd (SMA), a leading automotive component system manufacturer, has announced a technical collaboration with Proventia OY, Europe’s leading non-road emission control company.

The two companies will design, validate and manufacture advanced exhaust after-treatment (EAT) emission control systems for the Indian agricultural and construction vehicle segments.

The Finland-based Proventia OY, founded in 1994 with a vision to achieve zero emissions, is helping its engine, machine and vehicle customers worldwide to develop energy-efficient products that help save the environment and preserve human health.

Inline EAT system with engine.

Proventia’s strong R&D department has allowed the company to gain exceptional expertise in SCR and urea mixing technology. Its flexible urea mixing devices can be used with various urea dosing systems to solve any possible deposition issues and improve SCR performance in a variety of applications involving different engine sizes and operating environments. Proventia’s mixing technology enables the design of compact EAT systems for applications with constrained space requirements and can also be integrated with the DPF.

Urea mixer technology and EAT with engine.

According to Jari Lotvonen, President and CEO of Proventia, “The Indian government’s initiative towards introducing the latest emission norms is an important step to help India achieve its goal of reducing harmful emissions. SMA’s strong manufacturing knowledge, extensive experience of the industry and their alignment with our mission to achieve a better environment make them an ideal partner. By partnering with them, we have full confidence in supplying superior EAT system solutions for the Indian market.”

Sanjay Chopda, Managing Director, SMA added: “The upcoming TREM IV and TREM V emission norms will play a very important role in regulating the emissions of agricultural and construction industry and put India on par with strict emission norms of the European Union. We, as a company, see a strong growth prospect in the EAT systems for non-road application and a need for providing our customers with reliable and high-quality technology. To achieve this, we have found the right partner in Proventia. On combining Proventia’s solid technical base and the strengths of SMA, we are sure to meet customer expectations.”

SMA is a diversified system supplier of automotive heat exchangers, smart EVLi-ion battery packs, two-wheeler chassis and swingarms, complete exhaust systems, body sub-assemblies, tubular and sheet metal assemblies, HDPE mudguards and spray suppressors.

Advanced Technology EAT Systems For Non-Road Vehicles & Machines• 
- Strong R&D and engineering with simulation and testing services
- Exceptional expertise in SCR and urea mixing
- Innovative, agile and flexible in all operations
- Effective integration with customers’ product development processes
- Complete EAT systems for a wide engine power range (from 56 to 1,000 KW)
- Optimised solutions for each engine and machine based on validated standard components
- Highest OE standard mass production

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