Bosch displays emissions, driver assist tech at SIAT 2019

by Amit Panday 16 Jan 2019

Bosch is showcasing its latest products and technologies with applications in the area of carbon emissions, safety and others at SIAT 2019 which opened today in Pune. The Bangalore-based auto component major is also displaying technologies for the fast evolving two-wheeler market (Stall No. 193).

The company says it is a one-stop solution provider for a wide range of solutions from optimisation of CO2 for existing powertrain to a complete electric portfolio. At SIAT, the company is adopting digital measures to showcase the powertrain product portfolio and has key components on display to emphasise the benefits of the technologies.

Bosch is one of the key suppliers looking for opportunities under the BS VI emission norms, new safety mandates and also vehicle electrification and hybridisation.

The company is also displaying some of its advanced solutions for the two-wheeler market. This will include flex fuel technology display and other electromobility solutions.

Advanced safety enabled by data fusion and processing make it possible to support the driver in complex and critical traffic situations. The combination of radar and video including data fusion improves the performance of existing safety and comfort features.

iBooster:  The clover leaf concept is a modular approach which includes vacuum booster, iBooster, ESP and ESP HEV covering all configurations in mixed platforms, from conventional up to hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles and automated driving. iBooster replaces the vacuum booster enabling vacuum free braking and has high volume flow required for high brake dynamics, thereby significantly enhancing performance of functions like automated emergency braking.

ESP: ESP enables prevention of wheel-lock during braking (ABS functionality) and skidding accidents in critical driving situations, thus keeping the car stable in various driving conditions. Extensions of ESP incorporate a large number of value added functions, which further ensure a safe and agile driving experience. Also when combined with new generation sensors like ultrasonics, radars and cameras, an array of driver assistance functions can be achieved for an enhanced driving safety and comfort experience.