BharatBenz plans to grow network by 10 percent by 2020-end

by Sricharan R 25 Sep 2020

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV), makers of BharatBenz trucks and buses, plans to grow their dealer network by 10 percent, exceeding 250 outlets by the end of 2020. The extra touchpoints will improve their reach in the Golden Quadrilateral, cutting down the distance between dealerships from 160 km to 120 km.  

Rajaram Krishnamurthy, Vice President Marketing & Sales and Customer Services, DICV said, “We are steadily expanding our dealer network to ensure that all customers have easy access to our products and services, no matter where in India they do business. That is a commitment we made to BharatBenz buyers from the beginning, and we will continue to honour it.”    

The extra touchpoints will bring the total number of vehicle bays up past 1300, allowing BharatBenz dealers to service up to 40,000 vehicles every month. Earlier this year, DICV announced the sales milestone of 100,000 BharatBenz trucks sold in India, a number which continues to grow despite the tough market. 

Satyakam Arya, CEO & Managing Director DICV said, “Last month, BharatBenz showed double digit sales growth compared to August 2019. The number of BharatBenz owners grows every day and we are proud to grow with them.”   

Since premiering their all-new portfolio of BSVI-compliant trucks and buses in Mumbai at the beginning of the year, the CV manufacturer has seen record market shares in the domestic Indian market. “We have always believed in the long-term potential of India and continue to see this as a growth market for domestic sales, as well as an ideal manufacturing hub for global exports,” concluded Satyakam. 

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