Battrixx launches dual power EV smart batteries

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 29 Oct 2021

Battrixx, a wholly owned subsidiary of KabraExtrusiontechnik (KET) has launched its 4 kWh Dual Power electric vehicle smart batteries. The company says the smart battery packs are highly reliable, safe and robust for Indian drive conditions. The pack uses two 2kWh smart battery packs in parallel or series designed based on a patented European technology which has been licensed to Kabra Extrusiontechnik.

Anand Kabra, MD, Kabra Extrusiontechnik said: “Electric two- and three-wheelers have started gaining momentum in India, especially in 2021. Our products are aimed to be technologically advanced, extremely safe and economically viable, which can be rapidly adopted by users. This particular product has the performance and reliability to provide impetus to the next generation e-mobility solutions in the country."

"The smart battery can use either a Master-slave or a Master-master technology with twin smart battery packs which are interconnected and easy to swap. The modular and compact design is enabled with liquid cooling, the gravimetric energy density and volumetric energy density found to be remarkably high. If the pack is cooled by natural-air then gravimetric energy is found to be 180 Wh/kg. One of the significant advantages of dual power is that one pack can be used for powering the vehicle while simultaneously, the other substitutes for charging at home. This negates the customer’s concerns for charging time or waiting at charging stations,” added Kabra.

Battrixx claims that the thermally optimised packs with advanced cooling technology give a clear advantage of a longer battery life and fast charging. It is also water and dust resistant with an IP – 67 rating. The smart battery packs are designed to sustain vibrations and shocks of the Indian drive conditions. The dual smart battery serves as a range extender, benefitting the end customer for longer drives.

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