Bangalore the world's most congested city globally: TomTom Traffic Index

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 30 Jan 2020

Bangalore has the maximum traffic congestion globally at 71 percent, that’s according to the ninth edition of the annual TomTom Traffic Index, which provides insights on live and historic road congestion levels in cities around the world. India had the dubious distinction of having four of its major tier-one cities in the list of the world’s ten most congested cities. Mumbai at 65 percent congestion and Pune at 59 percent hold the fourth and fifth rank and New Delhi is marginally lower at 56 percent with global ranking of eight.  

The Traffic Index covering 416 cities across 57 countries on 6 continents shows that congestion has increased globally during the last decade and the 239 cities included in the new Index report had increased congestion levels between 2018 and 2019. Only 63 cities showing measurable decrease.

Almost 57 percent of the countries included have registered an increase in traffic congestion and the global average congestion level is 29 percent. The average level of congestion across Asian cities is seen as significantly higher compared to many in Europe and United States. This global increase in congestion, despite being an indicator of a strong economy, is understood to cost economies billions.    

Ralf-Peter Schafer, TomTom’s VP of Traffic Information, said: “Globally, there’s a long road to travel until congestion levels are brought under control. In time, the rise of autonomous vehicles and car-sharing services will help alleviate congestion, but planners and policymakers can’t afford to sit and wait. They need to use all the tools available to them to analyze traffic levels and impacts, so they can make critical infrastructure decisions. And drivers have a role to play too. Small changes in driving behaviour can make a huge difference.”

Abu Dhabi with a rank of 410 is the least congested capital city globally.