Bajaj Auto sells 177,348 motorcycles in September, down 35%

by Ujal Nair 01 Oct 2019

Pune-based motorcycle major Bajaj Auto has reported a 20 percent drop in its total sales for the month of September 2019. Total motorcycle at 177,348 sales were a YoY drop of 35 percent (September 2018: 273,029 units). However, this number is 4,324 units more than what it sold in the previous month (August 2019: 173,024).

On the export front, Bajaj Auto shipped out 159,382 motorcycles, flat growth of 1 percent (September 2018: 157,910 units) and 4.6 percent more than its August 2019 figures (152,276 units). Combining both domestic and exports, Bajaj Auto sold a total of 336,730 units of motorcycles in September 2019, a decline of 22 percent (September 2018: 430,939).

As regards the first half of FY2020 fiscal year (April-September 2019), Bajaj Auto saw a YoY drop of 12 percent (1,132,286 units as against 1,287,133 units in 2018) in its domestic market for motorcycles whereas it reported a growth of 8 percent (934,581 units) in its exports as compared to the same period  in 2018 (869,373 units).

Bajaj Auto September 2019

So, in the domestic market, for September 2019, Bajaj Auto sold a total (motorcycles and CV) of 215,501 units, which is a YoY decline of 31 percent as against September 2018 (311,503 units) but saw a MoM growth of 3.5 percent (August 2019: 208,109). Similarly, looking at the total export figures, Bajaj shipped out a total of 186,534 units in September 2019, which is 2 percent less than its September 2018 figures (190,506 units) and 22 percent less than its previous month figures (241,917 units in August 2019).

Therefore, if we look at the YTD (April to September), while the total motorcycles sales fell by 4 percent as compared to the same period previous year, the total commercial vehicle sales fell by 14 percent as against the same period in 2018.

Bajaj Auto April-September 2019

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