ATS ELGI launches new range of vehicle sterilisation solutions

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 18 May 2020

Garage equipment manufacturer and distributor, ATS ELGI, announced the launch of its new range of vehicle sterilisation solutions. A subsidiary of ELGi Equipments, a global supplier of compressed air solutions, ATS ELGI introduced the new product, Ozone Air Steriliser. 

This Air Steriliser uses ozone (a natural form of activated oxygen) to eliminate bacteria, virus, moulds, allergens, odours and harmful pollutants like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) ensuring a safe and clean in-vehicle environment for small passenger cars, sedans, SUVs, commercial vehicles- SCV/LCV/HCV driver cabins and even ambulances.

With studies revealing that a four-wheeler is more likely to carry infection, this product will ensure safety from potential pollutants.  Speaking at the launch, Praveen Tiwari, managing director, ATS ELGi said “At ATS ELGi, we have endeavoured to build a range of solutions that provide each of our customers with a clean and safe in-vehicle environment. Leading the pack is the Ozone Air Steriliser demonstrating our commitment to innovation and ensuring a smooth transition to the post-pandemic world.”

According to the company, this solution can disinfect a mid-sized car or the commercial vehicle cabin of a SCV, LCV to HCV in approximately 10 minutes, while an SUV or a van can be disinfected in 20 minutes. This Ozone Air Steriliser uses 12V DC current via the vehicle battery to transform natural air or normal oxygen molecules into ozone molecules, thereby nullifying the need for additional chemicals or disinfectants which might be harmful or leave behind a residue.