Ather Energy shares charging connectors with other EV makers

by Sricharan R 10 Aug 2021

In a move aimed at democratisation of EV charging, Ather Energy will offer its  proprietary fast-charging connector to other electric two-wheeler manufacturers. The move is aimed at reduce consumer range anxiety by allowing all scooters to access Ather Energy’s over 200 fast chargers, but also allow more OEMs to build products on a common standard thus lowering infrastructure investments.

Commenting on the initiative, Tarun Mehta, co-founder and CEO, Ather Energy, said, “Sharing our proprietary charging connector is a big step for having a common connector and hence inter-operable chargers for all two-wheelers. At this stage of the category, the industry needs these collaborations and we are already in talks with some OEMs to take this industry collaboration forward.”

According to Ather, to maximise usage and efficiency of charging infrastructure, there is a requirement for common connectors which can be used across products. Since its inception, Ather Energy with its Ather Grid has been providing normal speed charge options to all electric two-wheelers and four-wheelers free of cost. While there are global standards for electric four-wheelers like the CHADEMO and CCS, there are no connector standards available customised for two-wheeler fast charging, except in China. Two-wheeler fast charging requirements are unique. 

Designed by Ather, this connector has a combo AC and DC charging with the same connector. This connector size has been designed to be suitable for integration into two-wheelers and three-wheelers with the ability of CAN 2.0 communication with control and proximity pilot.

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