Ather Energy launches 450X e-scooter at Rs 99,000

by Firoze Irani, Autocar India 28 Jan 2020

Ather Energy has just launched the 450X electric scooter at Rs 99,000 (ex-showroom, Bangalore). The 450X is more powerful than the standard 450 and also comes equipped with new features. This is, however, its base price; and owners will have to pay an additional Rs 1,699 (Plus) or Rs 1,999 (Pro) as a subscription service each month.

The 450X can also be purchased without the subscription plan for Rs 1.49 lakh (for the Plus) and Rs 1.59 lakh for the Pro. All prices, ex-showroom Bengaluru. This doesn't include the cost of the Ather connect pack that's needed for OTA updates. Also, buying upfront doesn't give you access to the free fast charging Ather Grid network. Subscription guarantees OTA updates, fast charging network, unlimited battery warranty (3 years without subscription).

While it has a lower base price than the standard 450, the monthly subscription plan is a pretty big catch and this plan you opt for determines the amount of performance and range you get. With the more-affordable Plus subscription plan, the motor's peak output to 5.4kW and torque to 22Nm. The battery's range also falls by 10km to 75km in Eco whilst usable capacity sees a reduction to 2.4kWh (2.7kWh in the Pro plan). The more expensive Pro subscription plan will give the scooter all of its full performance, as we’ve listed below.

Powering the 450X is a 3.3kW/6kW (continuous/peak) motor that produces 26Nm of torque (up from the 450's 20.5Nm). While the claimed top speed remains the same at 80kph, the 0-40kph acceleration time has now improved from the Ather 450's 3.9sec to 3.3sec – this is most likely in the scooter's new Warp riding mode. The 450X also has higher gradeability at 20 degrees compared to 18 degrees on the 450. The scooter is also lighter than the 450 by 4kg, weighing in at 108kg (kerb).

The range has gone up as well; the scooter now has a claimed range of 70km (up from 65km) in Ride mode. The range in Eco mode, meanwhile, has gone up by 10km, to 85km. The larger lithium-ion battery on the 450X requires more time to charge, it now takes 3hr 35min to get to 80 percent and 5hr 45min to get to a 100 percent from zero.

Other changes include an upgraded instrument console; and the unit is now powered by a 1.3Ghz Snapdragon processor. The operating system has switched from Linux to Open Android. Like the older model, though, the Ather 450X continues to sport a 7.0-inch screen. Ather has also said that the updated e-scooter is now capable of 4G LTE and fitted with Bluetooth 4.2. Other new features is a side-stand sensor and three new colours, unlike the older model which was only available in white.

While the sales for the standard 450 will stop in few months, Ather Energy will continue providing updates to these owners.

Tarun Mehta, co-founder, Ather Energy, said: "With Ather 450, we wanted to build a vehicle that breaks the mould of what an EV can do in India. Over the last year and a half, the scooters on the road have provided tremendous data and our online community is active with thousands of members. With over 6 million kilometres of on-road data from our existing riders and the invaluable feedback from our community, we have built Ather 450X which raises the bar on almost every key metric.

"With Ather 450X we have changed the ownership model and reduced the upfront payout for the scooter while also reducing the battery replacement cost to virtually nothing. This has been a major impediment to EV adoption and our new monthly subscription packs address it. With Ather 450X, we are expanding across the country. This year we are opening 8 more cities and setting up retail partnerships across the country for the same. Our charging network, Ather Grid will also be expanding to all markets. This is an exciting new phase for all of us and for EVs in the country."