Ashok Leyland launches AVTR 3120, expands range of DTLA trucks

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 23 Dec 2021

Ashok Leyland a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer has launched the 3-axle 6x2 Dual Tyre Lift Axle (DTLA) truck the AVTR 3120. The company says with this launch it becomes the first and only player in the country to have a full range of dual tyre lift axle (DTLA) truck range with 31T, 40.5T, and 47.5T GVW nodes.

The new product will operate at 31-tonne with the lift axle down (and take more load than conventional 6x2 trucks) and at 18.5-tonne with the lift axle up (lower fuel and operating cost similar to 4x2) during light load/partial load/return empty. This new will offer an excellent operational flexibility to customers to choose the option based on their load, offering best-in-class Total Cost of Operation (TCO) benefits.

Sanjay Saraswat, head - M&HCV, Ashok Leyland said, “Today, we have launched under our AVTR platform umbrella, an innovative product, the AVTR 3120 with Dual Tyre Lift Axle (DTLA). With this, we become the only OEM having this customer-centric and fuel-saving, DLTA technology for the entire range. We have launched the AVTR 3120 to plug the gaps in the Dual Tyre Lift Axle portfolio.”

The key highlights of the AVTR 3120 - 6x2 Truck include –

  • Built on the latest AVTR modular truck platform, offering flexibility of multiple cab and feature options.
  • Powered by Ashok Leyland’s 200HP engine with iGen6 technology which delivers better fluid efficiency.
  • Available in cowl and 3 cabin options: N Cab, U cab, M cab.
  • Loading span options ranging from 24’ to 32’.
  • N cabin offers ultimate driving experience with Suspended cab with dampers, Suspended driver seat, Anti-roll bar in the front, excellent storage spaces, Full Metal Front Fascia, Music system, AC & HVAC options.
  • Comes bundled with digital solutions like i-Alert (advanced telematics), remote diagnostics - supported by 24x7 customer assistance Uptime Solution Centre and Service Mandi network.

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