Anand Group inks tech alliance with Mazaro Belgium for energy-saving transmissions

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 06 Feb 2020

The multi-product, well-diversified Anand Group has partnered with Mazaro Belgium for what it says is "revolutionary transmissions" and on bringing out innovative solutions suited for reducing emissions. The technology has the potential to reduce consumption of energy in IC engine vehicles and EVs by up to 18%.

The Anand Group estimates a potential revenue forecast of around Rs 350 crore by 2025. The collaboration will target sales from four-wheelers used for last-mile connectivity, intra-city transportation of people and goods, across segments, in off-highway applications like forklifts and generating sets.

Mazaro is a pioneer in Europe for the design of innovative transmissions that combine an exceptionally high internal efficiency to keep the engine or electric motor on its optimum efficiency curve at all times. This partnership will look at customising the concept in the Indian context. The product with almost zero slip and negligible wear, would be customised to vehicle platforms in India that have frequent gear changes and require high start-up torque.

The revolutionary transmission, without gears or belts, enables automobiles to transmit power more efficiently to the wheels -- either Internal Combustion Engines or Electric Powertrains -- by replacing the gearbox. The two companies claim that a driver accustomed to either a 5-speed manual or 7-speed automatic, would experience the feel equivalent to possibly an 11-speed automatic transmission, which is distinctly efficient. This results in increasing the range of the vehicle for EV and fuel economy for ICE vehicles.

Enabling greener mobility

As the world moves rapidly towards environmentally friendly vehicles, the Anand Group says it has has committed strategic investments in India, to bring revolutionary technology solutions to OEMs. Along with another strategic collaboration, with Far-UK for the use of carbon fibre structural composites to substantially reduce vehicle weight, the company has signed an MoU with Mazaro Belgium in the area of enhancing efficiency of transmissions/powertrains.

“At Anand, innovation and excellence in manufacturing are perfectly integrated in the activities of engineering and production processes. It meets expectations of the global automotive industry in delivering advanced next-gen products to OEMs. Its relationships with various technology partners are all long-term and gives Mazaro confidence of a fruitful co-operation. I believe that the combination of Anand’s capabilities with Mazaro’s innovative technology is the right way to provide revolutionary solutions to the Indian transportation sector to meet the requirements of a wide variety of potential applications, both in electric and ICE Vehicles,”said Filip de Maziere – Promoter Director at Mazaro, Belgium.

Mrs. Anjali Singh, executive chairperson of Anand Group, said “ANAND Group is sensitive to the current environmental challenges and is committed towards making the world a greener place to live. It is also our continuous endeavour to partner with the best in the world and bring in pioneering technology to cater to the Indian OEMs. The collaboration with Mazaro is in line with the key ethos of Anand Group vision, to create value sustainably through the pursuit of excellence. I am confident that this association will successfully evolve to create efficient transmission systems for the Indian automotive industry.”

Sunil Kaul, Group President, Innovation & Technology and Excellence in Manufacturing, said: “There is an urgent need within the automotive industry to improve the overall efficiency of the vehicle. Anand Group’s approach is to look at all aspects in a vehicle that can impact fuel efficiency, lightweight and transmission losses and develop innovative solutions that ultimately help in reducing carbon footprint.”