Altair inks MoU with iCAT Manesar

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 29 Mar 2019

The US-based Altair, a global technology company providing solutions in product development, high-performance computing and data intelligence, has signed an MoU with the International Centre for Automotive Technology of India (iCAT), Manesar, an organisation under the aegis of NATRIP (National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project), government of India to provide automotive testing, certification and R&D services.

iCAT provides services to the industry across areas such as powertrain, noise vibration and harshness, component, fatigue, photometry, tyre & wheel, passive safety, EMC, CAD and CAE.

The MoU covers co-operation between the two entities for addressing the simulation and testing needs of the existing and emerging mobility industry. Altair envisions application of its simulation technologies for traction motors of electric vehicles (motor drives or controls), Automated Driver Assistance System (ADAS) enabling technology, optimisation-driven design technology and processes for both e-mobility and conventional vehicles industry.

The MoU intends to set up a joint working arrangement to realise their respective visions with the help of mutual support and cooperation. iCAT and Altair aim to jointly promote, develop and offer training, competency building solutions, technologies and practices to the industry which allows each of the entities to utilise their capabilities and strengths in a synergetic way to address the combined needs of simulation and testing for the industry.

L-R: Brett Chouinard, president and COO of Altair, along with Dinesh Tyagi, director, iCAT.

Dinesh Tyagi, director, ICAT said, “We are happy to sign MoU with one of the reputed and leading experts in the world of simulation and design technologies. Altair has agreed to leverage iCAT as its testing and development agency. Apart from joint promotional events, Altair will also provide assistance to ICAT on projects related to structural design simulation and performance optimization.”

Brett Chouinard, president and COO, Altair Inc, said, “This MoU between Altair and iCAT brings the best of simulation and testing services expertise which the industry can leverage, be it established OEMS or emerging startups, for faster time to market and higher quality for their products. We look forward to a strong and healthy association.”

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