AITR bags top honours at eBAJA

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 06 Jun 2022

The 8th edition of eBAJA event of BAJA SAEINDIA 2022 at Pithampur came to an end with the winning team being from AITR, Indore.

In this year’s event, 21 eBAJA teams participated in the endurance round. The event included four static events: Design, CAE, Cost, Innovation event, and the Dronacharya Award. In addition, there were four dynamic rounds: Acceleration, Sledge pull, Manoeuvrability, Suspension & Traction, followed by a four-hour endurance race. 

eBAJA was conducted independently for the first time in the BAJA's history, and that too with a 4-hour endurance race.

The overall winner, Team Acroracerz of Acropolis Institute of Technology & Research, Indore said, “Putting metal to the pedal, we, team Acroracers have strived utmost to endeavour at the dynamic spectrum of BAJA SAEINDIA. During the course of the event, we faced many corporeal difficulties, which we were able to prevail over by right guidance, fiery enthusiasm and cooperative teamwork. Still as we say every minute every mile, we must recuperate from our mistakes and similarly by the end of the event we understood that there is always a room for improvement. At the end, we as a team are happy to receive the champion award and hope to keep this steak in future as well.”

Chief Guest, Vimal Mulchandani, Senior Vice-President – VE Commercial vehicles said, “Electric vehicles are facing challenges in terms of safety, durability, cost, range, weight and supply chain. We have to develop reliable battery technology under the Make in India initiative and make ourselves independent of this global crisis.”

Besides winning the eBAJA Champion title with 12 trophies, Team Acroracerz from AITR also won the Endurance Race, Pride of MP and Dronacharya Award.

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