Accurate Test Equipments showcases R&D solution for alternate fuel engines

by Ujal Nair 18 Jan 2019

Kolhapur-based Accurate Test Equipments and Engineers (ATE) has showcased an R&D system that is capable of analysing engine performance over various kind of fuel types, including ethanol and bio-diesels. The system is also said to be capable of also testing lubricants and the fuel additives.

A yet-to-be-patented technology, the VCRE (Variable Compression Ratio Engine) series from ATE is not just compatible with multi-fuel engines, but is also designed with constant valve timing technology. The system is exclusively developed to test various alternate fuels for spark ignition (SI) and compression ignition engines. With this, a fuel developer could optimise the blend of the fuel or an engine manufacturer could optimise the engines for the intended fuel type.

ATE claims that this made-in-India technology is being widely adopted by a large number of Indian OEMs. The company has partnered with TVS Motor Co’s R&D facility in Hosur and Tata Recon centre in Coimbatore. The system is also said to be compatible for the testing of engines of military tanks.

At SIAT 2019, ATE is also showcasing dynamometers and other diagnostic test equipment. Its customers include Mahindra & Mahindra, TAFE, DieselGas, ARAI and many others.

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