ZF tilt lock to enter production with leading motorcycle OEM

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 09 Nov 2019

Representation image of a maxiscooter, the Peugeot Metropolis

The ZF Tilt Lock is to enter volume production with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of motorcycles. The electromechanical Tilt Lock is part of the standard equipment of a new, three-wheeled Maxiscooter. For the drivers of these three-wheeled scooters, the system increases comfort and safety levels when getting on and off as well as during a standstill at traffic lights or in traffic.

Given the busy roads and few parking spaces, for many city dwellers a car would not be the first-choice of transport for traveling quickly and flexibly through urban environments. This is where 'Tilting Three-Wheelers' come into their own. These three-wheeled motorbikes, which can be driven with a standard car driver’s license, have established a solid position in this niche market.

Requiring only a normal driving license rather than a specific motorbike license has removed the restriction which stops many people from riding conventional motorbikes. ”Three-wheelers are compact and flexible, and also generate fewer emissions than many other modes of transport,” explains Rainer Kirchner, Head of the Chassis product segment at ZF Race Engineering. ”For these reasons, the market is growing – particularly among young people in Italy, Spain, and France.”

However, people utilising this type of vehicle must not be neglected when it comes to comfort and safety. A major international motorcycle manufacturer is therefore equipping its latest three-wheel model with the electromechanical Tilt Lock from ZF as standard.

The electromechanical Tilt Lock is part of the standard equipment of a new, three-wheeled Maxiscooter.

”With the Tilt Lock, the three-wheeler can be stopped, locked in an inclined position, making it easier to get on and off the bike when parked – particularly for shorter people. Also, when the bike is stationary in traffic or at red traffic lights, drivers do not need to support these vehicles with their feet to stop them from falling over,” says Kirchner. This can lower stress levels experienced by drivers when dealing with the chaos of city center driving. Even in particularly critical situations, such as stopping on a steep or sloping curve in the road, the Tilt Lock helps to increase stability and safety.

The Tilt Lock can be easily activated and deactivated via a switch on the handlebars, bringing the three-wheeler to a tilted position within a second of reaching a stop. The ZF Tilt Lock system is faster, more compact, and around two-thirds lighter than comparable components currently on the market. This can increase driving dynamics and help to reduce fuel consumption at the same time.

The Tilt Lock is the first series product to emerge from ZF’s business expansion into the motorcycle segment. The technology company offers a broad portfolio of products and development services, ranging from motorised two-wheelers to aftermarket services, and utilizes its synergies to create new, innovative technologies for this segment.